2020: What Are the Current Trends in Timber Flooring?

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Timber has long been a preferred flooring choice for homes. It continues to grow in popularity, as evidenced by the slew of new look-a-like options such as vinyl planks and engineered timber.

When it comes to authentic, character-rich, time-tested flooring, though, nothing compares to timber. With its stylish, comfortable, natural, timeless appeal, timber flooring has a unique way of turning a house into a home.

In honour of timber’s long-standing appeal, we’ve compiled a guide to timber trends for 2020 and beyond.

The Top Timber Trends for 2020

    1. Dark, Cool-Toned Hardwoods

      The trend toward darker flooring has been growing for a while and shows no signs of slowing down. Cool tones — think true, pure browns — are strongly preferred, with a strong shift away from warmer reddish and yellow undertones.

      Keep in mind that darker floors present a bit more of a challenge when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Dust, dirt, and debris tend to show up easier, meaning you will likely find yourself reaching for your broom or vacuum more often.

      If you are looking for a dark flooring, but not too dark (whether due to ease of maintenance or just aesthetic preference), try hues such as dark walnuts, antique browns, or coffee browns. With a bit more forgiveness when it comes to dirt and debris, these tones offer the best of both worlds.

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    1. Grey and Grey Blend Tones

      Greiges, browns with grey undertones, charcoals, you name it. The trend has been grey, grey, and greyer. With their cool tones, grey and grey mixes blend seamlessly with a wide variety of popular design styles.

      We have also noticed a trend toward variations of grey subtly integrated with dark, rich brown shades.

    2. Light and Natural

      Along with a trend toward dark, deep tones for timber floors, we are also seeing the exact opposite: natural, light flooring. As with the darker-toned trend, lighter shades are preferred in cooler tones. This means natural, cooler light tones over warmer yellowish shades.

    3. Whitewashed or Lightly Whitewashed Timber Flooring

      Whitewashes are rapidly gaining popularity, although current options are reinvented and modernised compared to the options available in the 80s.

      Modern whitewashes are more matte and generally more subtle when it comes to character. This look works best with white oak and pairs well with modern or contemporary decor.

      Its mineral streaks give it more of a contemporary feel compared to the heavy graining that gives red oak its traditional look.

    4. Natural-looking Finishes (Flatter Sheens, Satin, Matte)

      Right now, we are seeing a preference for low lustre finish options such as matte and satin. Glossy and semi-gloss finishes are more difficult to maintain as they highlight dust, imperfections, and debris.

      Flatter sheens are practical, easier to clean and work well with a wide variety of decor options.

    5. Farmhouse Style

      Farmhouse style and rustic designs have been gaining popularity for years. It represents a return to a simpler, more authentic, slower-paced life. Everywhere you look, you’re likely to find shiplap, farmhouse decor, and rustic accents.

      For timber, farmhouse style translates to wider planks, cooler tones (grey mixes, greys, white-washed floors), more knots, stronger grain, and more subtle colour.

      Occasionally, we’ll see homeowners use multiple plank widths or rustic, distressed flooring and mid to darker brown tones.

    6. Simpler Layouts and Uniformity Throughout A Space

      While there are a wide variety of fun, unique ways to lay flooring (herringbone pattern, chevron, diagonal, borders), we are seeing a shift toward simpler layout patterns for timber such as straight lay. Customers are leaning toward simple, clean looks that keep a space from looking busy and do not draw focus away from the surrounding decor.

      By keeping flooring more simple, it reduces visual clutter and allows homeowners to use more patterns when it comes to accents such as area rugs and throw pillows.

    7. Wider Planks

      Growing in popularity for the past decade, the preference for wider planks (vs. the formerly popular 2 1/4″ plank widths) maybe because of their ability to make spaces look larger. They also boast the ability to make older homes look more authentic and rustic and modern homes look more contemporary.

      Unless a homeowner is matching existing timber flooring in the house, we find that it is rare to see anything narrower than 3 1/4″ width get installed.

2020 trends for timber selection

  1. White Oak (Rather Than Red)

    With its more contemporary look and smoother graining, the last few years have seen an increasing interest in white oak.

    With linear mineral streaks and a broader range of stain colours, white oak offers a more modern look compared to red oak’s strong grain and limited range of colours.

    Also, due to its molecular structure, white oak features increased water resistance compared to red oak.

  2. Timber Flooring in Kitchens and Throughout the Entire House

    Given the huge rise in open concept floor plans, continuing the same flooring from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen is no surprise. While timber flooring in a kitchen may have seemed farfetched two decades ago, this option has been rising in popularity over the past few years.

    Timber flooring installed in a kitchen offers a stylish, comfortable appeal that is easy to clean, excellent at making the space appear larger, and an easy way to incorporate the open concept style into your home.

    We are also seeing a rise in the use of timber flooring in entryways, especially in areas that connect to dining rooms or living rooms that also feature timber flooring. This creates a harmonious feel throughout the space and helps it feel larger.

Final Thoughts on Timber Flooring Trends for 2020

Most of these trends have already been growing for years, but we expect 2020 to bring even more popularity for these timber looks.

If you have any questions or thoughts on timber flooring trends for 2020, we would love to talk design with you. And if you are looking for more inspiration on flooring choices and design, please feel free to browse our collection of blogs. We aim to keep our customers up to date on all the latest trends, new styles, DIY guides, and flooring questions. If you have any other questions or need flooring advice, feel free to get in contactwith Tweed Coast Carpets.