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What is one of the most popular choices in flooring? Carpet! For many decades, it has been a top flooring choice for many homes, especially in bedrooms and living rooms.

Carpet offers certain unique qualities and benefits that simply cannot be matched by other forms of flooring. It is especially ideal in certain areas of the home or certain settings.

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Of Fitting Carpet

Carpet adds performance, comfort, beauty, and a host of benefits to any home including:

  • Enhanced Cushioning – Carpet helps cushion the impact of slips or falls, making it a great choice for kids or older individuals. It also provides more grip than slippery, hard surfaces, lessening the chance of a fall in the first place. Carpeting is especially great on stairs since it reduces the sound of foot traffic, enhances grip, and softens potential falls.
  • Adds Beauty and Style – With almost endless styles and colour choices, carpet can reflect your space and personal design style. It can serve as a neutral foundation or be an exciting focal point of bold textures or patterns.
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  • Can Improve Indoor Air Quality – Carpets are now being manufactured to emit the lowest VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) possible. While often thought of as a poor choice for allergy sufferers, carpet can actually serve as a passive air filter by trapping pollen, dust, and particles until they can be safely vacuumed up.
  • Provides Warmth – Carpet adds thermal resistance and insulation, meaning it can help your home feel cosy and inviting in colder seasons.Think about it: the same room at the same temperature will almost certainly feel warmer if it has carpeting vs hard flooring. Carpet’s thermal insulation properties can even lead to energy savings!
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  • Unmatched Comfort – Carpeting provides a comfortable place to sit or play — perfect for kids and families!
  • Reduces Noise – Carpeting is well known for its ability to help absorb sound, thereby reducing overall noise. This makes it ideal for busy work settings or lively households. It also acts as a sound barrier to block sounds from being transferred to rooms below.
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  • Easy to Care For – What does it take to care for carpet? Not much! A good vacuum cleaner and prompt response to spills will help your carpet maintain its integrity for years to come. If possible, consider a deep or professional clean approximately every 12 to 18 months.


Carpet Inspiration

At times, we could all use a little inspiration. Tweed Coast Carpets have helped a number of clients get inspired, we have completed many carpeting projects in our time. This has helped those who are renovating, looking to just add a little more life to a room or building their new home.

Get inspired by some of the completed projects!

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Right Carpet For You

If you have a busy household with kids or pets, we can help you select a carpet that is specifically suited to survive stains, wear, and tear. If you desire a modern, formal, sophisticated appeal, we can help you find the perfect carpet to fit that style as well!

Are you curious to see if carpet is a good fit for your home? Get in touch with us today and we would be glad to answer any questions you have, determine which rooms carpet would be best in, and introduce you to the many styles and options we offer.


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