Floor Preparation


Floor Preparation

What is the most important part of the process of choosing and installing new floors for you home? Picking the right colour? Picking the right style? Picking the right type of flooring? Yes, all of these aspects are important, but one of the most important — and so often overlooked — factors is floor prep.

Lack of proper floor preparation accounts for the majority of issues homeowners face with new flooring.

So how do you make sure your subflooring is properly prepped? That’s where we come in. We take the mystery out of floor prep and ensure your flooring is installed over a properly prepared, carefully examined, appropriate subfloor.

Floor prep

Regardless of what type of flooring is being installed, at least some degree of subfloor prep is necessary. Each installation is unique and will have its own floor prep requirements. Correct prep is a result of expertise, industry specific knowledge, and a thorough understanding of subflooring.

Finished flooring is only as good as its base. If the condition of the subfloor is too wet, not properly cleaned, not level enough, or in a poor state, the floor’s performance will suffer.

Problems resulting from improper subfloor preparation — uneven spots, high spots, excessive wear — can persist for years and continue to multiply, possibly resulting in repair or re-installation.

Before proceeding with any installation, we look at factors such as:

What type of flooring is being installed?

  • Is the subfloor clean, dry, structurally sound, level, and smooth?
  • Is this a remodel and, if so, what type of flooring was previously installed? How was that flooring removed?
  • Is this a commercial or residential space? What will the room be used for?
  • Has the subfloor’s pH and moisture levels been tested?
  • Have any sealers or curing compounds been used?
  • Is there a crawl space?


Inspiration & Ideas?

Even if floor preperation is vital, you still need to figure out your final design, fit and style. We have a range of ideas and possible inspirations for your flooring project.

Check them out below!

Floor prep


For Any Project

Of course, this is just a small sample of the considerations that go into prepping a subfloor. Each of these conditions vary from job to job and require specific actions and steps to ensure a long-lasting, evenly installed, aesthetically pleasing finished floor.

Ultimately, skipping the investment of floor prep can lead to far more costly issues down the road. If you have any concerns or questions about the subfloor prep process, please contact us. We’d be happy to talk about your current subfloors and walk you through the entire process.


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