Guide: How to Find the Right Hybrid Flooring for Your Home?

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If you have decided on hybrid flooring, you most likely chose it for the many benefits — durability, ease of care, aesthetic appeal — it offers. But now comes the time to decide exactly which style of hybrid flooring to choose. For this step, we’ve compiled a complete guide to choosing hybrid flooring.

How To Choose the Right Hybrid Flooring For Your Space

Whether you are choosing hybrid flooring for your home, business, or a single room, there are a wide variety of factors to consider. If you are baffled by the endless options, here are a few simple tips for choosing the ideal hybrid flooring for your needs:

Think About the Size of the Room

Regardless of whether a room is big or small, the colour of your flooring will have a significant impact on the overall appearance and feel of a space.

For large, wide rooms, darker or warm tones can be especially complementary. These colours help large rooms feel cosier and inviting rather than overwhelming or overly spacious.

If you have a cramped, tiny room that you would like to open up, the right colour can make all the difference. Beige or lighter toned shades can help your flooring make a room feel more spacious and airy.

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Consider the Effect of Colours

The colour schemes you choose can completely shift the atmosphere of a room. Choose lighter flooring colours if you are aiming for an upbeat, sunny feel. White, yellow shades or light beige help convey a sense of openness and brightness in a room.

Aim for timeless, cooler shades such as grey if you want a peaceful, calm feeling to your interior. Rich brown shades help impart a natural, rustic feel. Your flooring should suit your home furniture, if possible. Everything from couches, chairs, tables, beds and even pet beds should aim to be in some contrast with the flooring you choose.

Use the Light To Help You Decide

Throughout the day, lighting changes gradually in each room of your house. Flooring seen in artificial light at night will look far different from its mid-afternoon appearance in natural sunlight. So be sure to view your potential flooring choices in a variety of light settings to ensure you enjoy it despite any changes in lighting.

Consider the room or setting the flooring will be in. Most often, people are in and out of kitchens and living rooms throughout the day, whereas other rooms such as dens or playrooms might have more activity in the afternoon hours. Considering the unique lighting in each room will help ensure you choose a flooring option that works well at all times of the day.

Mind the Bigger Picture

Try to avoid choosing a flooring colour based on an empty room. Think about the broader style you want your interior to have.

Do you have certain furniture pieces you want to emphasise? To let your furniture or decor hold the spotlight, natural flooring colours create the perfect neutral canvas. Red tones add a sense of luxury to colonial, heavy furnishes, while brown tones are often the best match for interiors with country-style decor.

If possible, it can be helpful to take along some of your favourite design elements — a paint chip, a cabinet sample, or a throw pillow — that represent your space.

Incorporating these samples into your decision will help make the process easier and increase your chance of choosing hybrid flooring you will absolutely love.

Consider the Effects of Texture

Flooring with a smooth texture that does not feature detailed wood graining or ridges is often easier to clean and creates a more uniform appearance.

Alternatively, if you absolutely love timber flooring but prefer hybrid’s features and advantages, look for options with texture from manufactured raised grain. This will mimic the look of timber while still offering all of the hybrid’s wonderful benefits.

Pay Attention to the Finish

A floor’s finish refers to the amount of sheen it offers. It is important to note that not all finishes are available in every style.

  • Matte Finishes are great if you have a busy household with pets or kids as it does an excellent job at concealing dirt, imperfections, and scratches thanks to its low level of sheen. Although matt finishes do not offer the vibrancy of a gloss finish, they are easy to clean and work well with European or country-style looks.
  • Gloss Finishes feature a high level of sheen that really pops and works especially well with modern styles. However, the high sheen finish also shows dirt and imperfections more readily, making it necessary to clean more often.
  • Satin Finishes are often considered to offer the best of both worlds. With a sheen level that isn’t as high as a glossy finish, it does not reflect as much light and therefore camouflages scratches and imperfections better. It’s also still easy to clean, like a matte finish. It works well in almost any setting, especially classic styles.

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Need More Help Choosing the Right Hybrid Flooring For Your Space?

We hope this article has given you the knowledge you need to select the best hybrid flooring for your home or business. If you need further inspiration or have any questions about hybrid flooring (or any other types), please feel free to get in touch with our experienced team.

When we say we love flooring, we mean it. And that includes all aspects of flooring, including design and decor. We would be happy to help you evaluate the different options, narrow down the colours and styles that would best complement your space, and help you feel confident in your final selection. Get in touch with us today!