Hybrid Flooring Solutions

Sometimes hailed as “the future of flooring”, hybrid floors offer the beauty of solid timber with less maintenance. With multiple layers of rigid construction, hybrid flooring is designed to be durable and incredibly hardwearing.

Over the years, the product has only become more desireable, due to the higher quality and availablity of new styles and ranges. Tweed Coast Carpets has a number of hybrid flooring options to choose from.

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Hybrid flooring is even 100% waterproof, a huge advantage for homes with kids, pets, or homeowners seeking the look of solid timber in notoriously humid, spill-prone rooms such as laundries, kitchens, or bathrooms. Other benefits of hybrid flooring include:

  • DIY Installation – With tongue and groove click-locking technology, hybrid floors feature user-friendly DIY installation.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – Using advanced technology, textures and edges are created to mimic the appearance of solid timber.
  • Durability – Busy households will appreciate the durable construction of hybrid flooring that makes it possible to enjoy it for years and years to come. It is resistant to scratches, UV light, dents, and stains — perfect for heavy traffic, daily wear, pets, and kids.
  • Sound – As opposed to some types of flooring that generate a subtle hollow sound when walked on, the rigid core technology of hybrid flooring helps produce a quieter step, especially when paired with acoustic underlayment.
  • Easy Care and Cleaning – No special cleaning solutions needed — regular sweeping or vacuuming along with spot and deep cleaning as needed is all it takes to keep hybrid flooring beautiful. No polishes or waxes necessary — a damp mop is all you need.
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  • Open-Concept Friendly – With the popularity of open concept homes, hybrid flooring is the perfect complement. The seamless look of a single type of flooring featured throughout the home creates a harmonious feel.
  • Comfort – Its thick construction lends itself to excellent comfort. To further enhance cushioning, pair with attached underlayment.
  • Commercial Applications – Its beautiful design and functionality make hybrid flooring an ideal choice for commercial spaces and busy office settings.
  • Sunlight – Its multi-layered construction protects it against extreme temperature fluctuations and harsh sunlight, a key advantage here in hot, sunny Australia! It can be an especially good choice for rooms with large windows and high light exposure.
  • Colours to Fit Any Decor or Style – Although hybrid floors are relatively new to the market, an extensive selection of colours and patterns is already available to choose from.


Hybrid Flooring Projects

Hybrid flooring comes in a variety of styles, colours and designs, sometimes it can be a little difficult to figure out which will be best for you room. We have a finished a number of projects that has used hybrid flooring products.

Check some of them out below to get your hybrid flooring inspiration!



Your Hybrid Dream

We would love to help you determine if hybrid floors would make the perfect addition to your home or commercial space. Whether you are just curious about hybrid flooring or ready to move forward with your project, we are here to help at any point along the way. Finding the right style and design to suit your need is our mission.


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