Trends: The Very Best Styles and Materials for Carpets in 2020

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Luxury vinyl planks. Hybrid flooring. Engineered timber. With all the new innovations and advancements in the flooring world, you might wonder: Is carpet still a good flooring choice? Yes!

While none of these other flooring choices are going anywhere, carpet is certainly having a moment thanks to its unique benefits and features.

Here, we’ll look at the best benefits of carpets along with the carpet trends we expect to see in 2020 and beyond.

Unique Benefits of Carpet

Carpet offers unique qualities and benefits that simply cannot be matched by other forms of flooring. It works especially well in certain settings or areas of the home such as stairs, bedrooms, and living rooms.

  • Increased Safety – Simply put, carpeting is a safer flooring choice due to the cushioned surface it provides in the case of a fall. It is also naturally slip-resistant, meaning it is harder to fall in the first place.
  • Excellent Sound Reduction – Busy homes with a lot of foot traffic know how loud laminate or wood floors can be. Carpet helps diffuse the sound of footsteps by absorbing sounds and echoes and blocking sound from carrying between two floors (a huge advantage in multi-level homes or apartments).
  • Enhanced Warmth and Insulation – No other floor can come close to the cosy, warm feeling carpet provides. The under-padding also adds an additional layer of insulation, which can actually increase the R-value of your home.
  • Easy Maintenance – Regular vacuuming and attending to any spills in a timely manner with a damp cloth will keep your carpets looking as good as new.
  • Limitless Styles – Carpeting can be found in any colour, pattern, design, or style you want, making the choices endless! This versatility makes it a perfect fit for just about any design scheme you choose.
  • Budget-friendly – Carpet tends to cost a good deal less than other flooring types, even when professionally installed.

Top Carpets Trends for 2020

Although it has always been a popular flooring choice, carpet is seeing a resurgence in popularity. We are seeing a variety of trends that we expect to be big in 2020 and for years to come.

Find your inspiration with these attention-grabbing ideas and trends.

  1. Bold Carpet Colours

    Goodbye subtlety! Carpet colour trends right now are steering in a completely different direction than other flooring surfaces. Think everything bold, bright, eye-catching, and exciting.

    While flooring used to serve only as a neutral backdrop for the rest of a home’s design style, flooring is now being featured front and centre as the focal point. Flooring is no longer an afterthought. Rather, designs can be centred around the flooring itself and built from there.

    Many homeowners are leaning toward statement-making colours such as purples, multi-coloured, and even oranges! Thought these colours were left behind in the ’70s? Not so! Styles tend to be cyclical and we are seeing these fun colours come back around (just in smaller doses).

    Jewel tones such as emerald green, teal, amber, and sapphire blues are also soaring in popularity. Bold colours such as these can be perfect for making a statement, brightening up a room, and adding personality.

    Our thoughts on the bold colours in carpeting trend? We think it is fun, unique, funky, and statement-making! Just as long as you don’t get carried away and do a wild wall to wall colour throughout an entire floor (unless that is the look you are going for)! Done right and in smaller sections, bold carpeting can be an exciting, easy way to add your own unique flair to your home.

  2. Layers

    Layering — adding area rugs on top of carpet — is growing in popularity in 2020. This technique adds interest, warmth, and even more cushioning and softness underfoot. Choosing a tone-on-tone colour palette will prevent this look from becoming too busy and overtaking the space.

  3. Relaxed Bedrooms Tones

    While other areas may feature a more bold look, we are seeing more simple, relaxed bedrooms. No flashy colours or patterns here. Think plush carpeting in cool, calming colours like greys and cool blues.

  4. Carpeted Living Rooms

    Living rooms have long been a popular spot for carpeting and we expect this to continue in 2020. As living rooms tend to be a common area for gathering and hanging out, carpet’s plush, soft, soothing feel is unmatched by other flooring types.

    You can either get on board with the bold colours and patterns trend or stick with an understated, neutral tone. Either way, carpet is a great choice if you are looking to create a cosy, inviting, relaxing atmosphere in your living room.

  5. Detailed Stairs

    Think worn-out beige carpeting is the only option for stairs? No way! We are now seeing intricately designed carpets with interesting details taking over staircases.

    Yes, hard surfaces are also having a moment in staircases, but nothing beats carpets softness, cushioning, and slip resistance — all-important features when it comes to stairs.

  6. Self-Expression

    2020 will be the year of self-expression — and that includes the carpeting. It’s time to let your creativity take over, make bold choices, and be adventurous when it comes to designing. Interesting colour combinations, fun details, and multiple patterns can be a blast to mix and match. Don’t be afraid to break some rules and make your space your own.

  7. Geometrics

    Geometric prints are certainly trending in design this year and it is no different when it comes to carpeting. Herringbone, in particular, is hugely popular.

  8. Luxurious, Plush Carpets

    When it comes to carpet, plush reigns supreme this year. The more luxurious and soft and comforting, the better. With many homeowners focusing on wellbeing and comfort, plush flooring is an obvious choice. Its cosy thickness and softness brings hotel-style luxury into rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices.

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  10. Back To Nature

    The natural look — jute, natural accents, wool, earthy tones — continues to be big in 2020 and will likely last far beyond that. With its cosy, chic, plush nature, carpet is perfect for creating a restful, mindful space and makes a perfect complement for homes featuring a nature-focused vibe. For this trend, we’re seeing natural, neutral, earthy colours in both warm and cool tones.

Need Help Picking The Right Carpet For Your Home?

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