7 Of The Hottest Vinyl Flooring Trends for 2020

Does vinyl flooring still make you think of the ugly, cheap-looking version from decades ago? Oh, how times have changed!

Vinyl flooring is one of the fastest evolving flooring types of recent times. Each year seems to bring more sophisticated features and increased aesthetic appeal.

What Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is thicker, more durable, and easier to install than sheet vinyl and features groundbreaking technology. Typically, traditional luxury vinyl flooring consists of 4 layers:

  • Wear Layer – This layer features a transparent top coating that helps guard against fading, scratches, and stains.
  • Decorative Image – A thin, decorative digital image adhered to the vinyl core to give the plank the appearance of solid timber.
  • Vinyl Core – A flexible, 100% waterproof core that is the main component of luxury vinyl flooring.
  • Backing Layer – A vinyl finishing layer to help prevent mildew and mould.

person installing vinyl flooring

What Makes Luxury Vinyl Flooring So Popular?

Advancements in technology have allowed vinyl manufacturers to develop planks that better mimic the look and feel of real wood. Additionally, unique styles can be created that are unavailable in other styles of flooring.

Beyond their realistic appearance, such as:

  • Can be used on a variety of subfloors
  • 100% waterproof
  • Potential for DIY installation
  • Options for any budget
  • Variety of design options to fit any decor or design preference
  • Commercial grade wear layer
  • Increased comfort underfoot
  • Quieter underfoot
  • Easy care and maintenance (regular sweeping and vacuuming and attention to any spills)

The Best Vinyl Flooring Trends for 2020

Within the vinyl flooring segment, we are seeing a variety of trends that we expect to stick around for 2020 — and probably well beyond!

    1. Vinyl For Commercial ApplicationsHave you noticed grocery stores or restaurants starting to feature floors that appear to be solid timber? Most likely, it is not actual timber you are seeing, but luxury vinyl flooring.Whereas solid timber would be a maintenance nightmare in commercial applications, vinyl offers the stunning appearance of real wood without the potential pitfalls, making it far more suited to high-traffic commercial spaces.
    2. Realistic Wood-Look Vinyl TexturesAs mentioned above, vinyl’s realism continues to grow with each year and we expect 2020 to be no different. Thanks to advancements in production, printing, and photographic technology, manufacturers are sure to continue producing even more convincing planks that mimic the look of solid timber.
    3. PatternsWhile vinyl flooring in itself can be stunning, a pattern can bring its aesthetic appeal to the next level.The way you lay a flooring pattern can completely change the atmosphere of your home and the entire appearance of the floor. For example, a classic floor laid out in a herringbone pattern adds drama, sophistication, and individuality to any room. Chevron patterns are also showing up everywhere, but there are a host of other pattern options as well such as:
      • Grid – A popular, universal, simple pattern that features continuously aligned planks
      • Offset – A universal pattern that features planks offset by half the width of another plank to create a more interesting, contemporary feel
      • Stagger – An arrangement of planks on alternating sides of a centerline
      • Diagonal – An technique — a variation of the offset pattern — that utilizes planks set at a 45-degree angle
      • Weave – A woven-style variation suitable for rectangular planks that helps create movement within a space
      • Corridor – A variation of the grid pattern that features offset rows
      • Soldier – A vertical grid or stack using rectangular planks
      • Random – A random arrangement of planks in no particular order
    4. DIY InstallationVinyl flooring is all about convenience and ease, so it only makes sense that it is also easy to install! This feature is especially appealing to house flippers, budget-conscious homeowners, or DIY enthusiasts that wish to take on upgrades using their own skills.Ask us which brands are the best suited to DIY installation and we would be glad to give you our recommendations or you can check out this helpful guide to DIY vinyl plank installation.

samples of vinyl flooring

  1. Light, Airy ColoursFlooring is increasingly being used to set the tone, feel, and mood of a home. Manufacturers are meeting this response by producing more colour options than ever before.While ultra-dark colours have been popular and will continue to be, we are seeing an increase in light, airy colours. Think grey tones, white-washed tones, golden hues, and beachy looks.

    As more homeowners continue to embrace lighter tones, expect to see a surge in the popularity of blonde or lighter colours.

  2. Wood-Looks In Unexpected PlacesNot long ago, it would have been highly unlikely to see wood-look flooring in rooms such as laundries or bathrooms, but luxury vinyl planks have changed all that.With its excellent waterproof capabilities, luxury vinyl planks can be installed in areas that no one would dream of putting solid timber. Luxury vinyl is especially well suited to kitchens, dining rooms, laundries, entryways, bathrooms, and other areas subject to moisture issues or spills.

    Beyond moisture-prone rooms, luxury vinyl planks also make a beautiful, low maintenance choice for any other room in your house as well. Living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways can all benefit from the sophisticated, yet easy to care for qualities of luxury vinyl planks.

  3. Vinyl for Open Concept DesignsOpen-concept designs have soared in popularity in recent years and continue to be a long-staying trend. Luxury vinyl planks fit seamlessly with the continued popularity of open concept designs. Installing the same luxury vinyl flooring throughout several rooms can help make a space feel larger and create a continuous flow between rooms. Whereas solid timber may not be ideal for flowing from the kitchen (hello potential spills!) to the dining room to the living room, luxury vinyl’s waterproof capabilities make it an exceptional choice to cover a variety of rooms.

Need Help Choosing the Right Flooring For Your Home?

As you can see, the world of vinyl flooring is continuing to advance and expand, meaning the possibilities are endless. Please reach out to our experienced team at Tweed Coast Carpets if you have any questions about whether vinyl flooring would be a good fit for your home or commercial space or for any other flooring questions.

We love helping our customers with all-things-flooring! From huge renovations to smaller projects, we take a vested interest in each and every one of our customers.